is an experimental, design-office format that
draws from the cultural stimuli of its pop-up location and
a local multidisciplinary staff. Existing temporaily in cities throughout
the world Adhoc will produce innovative, thought provoking
solutions in design. The process of this concept will be accessible through
social media to allow anyone to observe and interact with the project.
The web presence will be composed of a Blog providing in post format
the contents of the Flickr Pics online photo management
and sharing account, which will store still images
and the Youtube online video platform
used to manage adhoc's digital video. The web-based
community of Myspace will act as a hub for all three web formats
integrating them for use within its network.

Adhoc Syracuse Location

Syracuse University
The Warehouse
350 W. Fayette St. 4th flr.
Syracuse, New York 13244-2130
phone_ +1 (315) 254-2543